Meatheads: The 8 Dumbest Athletes In America

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The Dumbest Athletes In America

Athletes have a stereotype of being total morons who just know how to play with their balls and nothing else. It’s quite the prevalent idea. But even for athletes, there are some serious morons out there. And you know what we’re good for. We’ll highlight these dummies for the world to see.

Because that’s just what we do.

Dwight Howard – He ruined his whole career by signing a dumb contract to stay with the Magic when he could have left early. Plus his comments are all really stupid.

Chad Ochocinco – First of all, he changed his name to OchoCinco. Then he slapped his lawyer’s butt in court.

Pacman Jones – He can’t stop making it rain and stay out of trouble.

Adrien Broner – This boxer flushed money down the toilet for a video. Literally.

Rob Gronkowski – He’s a monster meathead for going out to the club and slamming people on the ground with a broken arm.

Plaxico Burress – He shot himself in the nards. Case closed.

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    Ndamukong Suh – He stomped a guy’s face on national TV during Thanksgiving and went on that Splash show. SMH.

    Tony Romo – He’a always doing something stupid on the field. Then look at the way he tries to play other sports during training camp. SMH.

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