Baby Hair Pumping

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is a pic of Beyonce arriving at NAIA Airport in Manila, Philippines. Sorry stans, but your girl has been rockin a little bit of fuzz around the hairline area lately. Michael Jackson should definitely start his wig game hustle and help your girl out.

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  • Ms. Keys

    First. Leave B along she is the girl right about now. Go B

  • I wonder

    Wig Game proper…….baby hairs on deuces….

  • N-Qui-Sa-Tive?

    I love u B. Who cares! [sniffs] [coughs] ugh!

  • Angie

    She would look so much better if she dumped the wigs/weaves and kept her makeup light. She’s a cute girl and doesn’t need all that nonesense that makes her look 35 years old.

  • N-Qui-Sa-Tive?

    You are right REAL HIPHOP I do see a lot of Black sites hating on her. You can’t win pleasing people. [cough]

  • ...........

    Between the nappy edges, the tired wig, caked up makeup, the scarf and the old lady jewelry I don’t know what’s the worst.

  • Keeping It Real

    @…….(whatever your name is)….What’s worse is the obvious hatred you have for this beautiful, successful, talented, rich woman….How bout you post a picture of yourself up here and let’s see how you stack up….It won’t happen though….you won’t even post a name….LOL…loser ass broad….

  • Keeping It Real

    @ AFATTY….Why do you want to say “GO SIT DOWN SOMEWHERE”…..She is WORKING….Do you want somebody to come to your job and tell you to stop working….I understand it bothers you that she continues to be successful and make money…..but try to keep your hating to a mininum….Didnt your mommy teach you that if you dont have something nice to say…keep your hatin mouth closed…(well not exactly but you get the picture..)…and by the way….You are HATING on carrots…LMAO!!!

  • Jules

    Did you guys see the little Asian girl on YouTube singing Bey’s song? She kills it and she’s about 10 I think. Bey’s wigs do look a little draggish, but I understand about the constant styling and everything. Peace.

  • Aphatty

    @ Keeping it Real

    I don’t believe I said anything in my post that was remotely hateful. But Your Beyonce Blinders can’t see that. My mother also taught me not to worship or envy – I don’t need to be Bey to be happy – but it’s obvious some of you do.

  • lucky

    @ Jules

    If you paying mad loot to your styling team and you looking like you need some PCJ around the edges something ain’t right.Here it is you were in China WIG@WEAVE Capital and you didn’t get you no Human Hair they would have probably cut her ass a deal . Besides she has a Louie Vuton Steamer Chest full of weaves and wigs .

    She Needs to be calling MJ people because Old boy Lacefront game is on Point right about now.

    Yeah i saw the video don’t tell bey she will never retire

  • Trini Chica in BK

    She needs to take a break or she may end up like Vivica Fox. The lace front will and can so some damage to your natural hairline. Damn it’s hard looking fab all the time. Catch 22…

    @ Coco

    She is looking much older tho. Seems like 25 is the new 30!

  • Kensington

    Give B a break! There’s not a sister out there that hasn’t had to deal with a little fuzz along the edge. This obsession with ‘baby hair’ is setting back the race!!

  • nono

    yawn yawn.

  • ChristinaFan

    Leave her alone..she is one of the most hard-working women in the business! Go B! ♥

  • dani

    lol..only if Bey knew how to brush those baby hairs down with some pro style gel she would be the ish!..nah im joking but she does look nice here very comfortable

  • dani

    @ Keeping it Real

    Beyonce job is totally different from everyday people’s job. We have to work every day because our paychecks aren’t as fat as Beys. Beys job as an artist is to take a break to come up with some new material for a new album. Her whole career is based off of image. So if you haven’t taken any time to come up with some new ideas or your album, people lose interest. With that said Bey needs a new image and everything. She has to come with am album that is critically acclaim to have fans and non fans love it. “Irreplaceable” was the only song on her album that set Beyonce on top of the charts from the B’day release. You know why?..because fans AND non fans loved it! needs more feedback like that because she was pushing a mediocre album until the wheels fall her hustle..but she needs a change though.

  • Kevin

    @ Keeping It Real

    In response to your comment to ……….. (which is weird there’s no name)

    This is so sad at how this person came on here to say what they said about Beyonce – (Between the nappy edges, the tired wig, caked up makeup, the scarf and the old lady jewelry I don’t know what’s the worst).

    How hateful can someone be?

    @………. Why did you say this about Beyonce?

  • Tabitha

    Beyonce don’t look happy she hasn’t looked happy for a long time


    Those lace wigs come with the baby hairs already on them. You people just try to find any and everything negative to say about this chick, but yall all get F’s!!! Nothing yall can say can ever take away from her beauty and talent, so fall back and move on!

  • Smuckers Jelly


    “Those lace wigs come with the baby hairs already on them.”

    That’s is correct. It gives the wig a more natural look. This is why I made the comment I did. Beyone had enough cash to get that lace front in the first place, and she will have plenty more to get more, and rooms of houses to put those wigs in.

    As I said, make your money, Virgo Beyonce.

  • Smuckers Jelly

    Beyonce is doing well for herself as a young lady, and when she decides to take a break, she will deserve it. People build her up just to tear her down as with all celebrities.

  • Keeping It Real

    @Dani….Well Im sure Beyonce would appreciate your concern about when and how she should fall back…But Im pretty sure she doesnt need it…And your comments on her album being mediocre is based on what? Your opinion? If you are basing it on albums sales…NO ONE…is selling like they use to because of bootlegs…downloading sites like Limewire…etc….Beyonce is selling out concerts around the world in many of the most remote countries…What other artist is doing that right now?…So I really dont know what you basing your opinion on….when in reality its baseless…

  • http://yahoo obi


  • Corree

    LMAOOOO @ lacefronts with “baby hair”. For real though, you people act like everyone is suppose to worship Bey like you all do. She’s not paying your bills and she damn sure don’t know who you are so why are you defending a person who doesn’t know you even exist? Pathetic. She’s in the spotlight for the sole purpose of being noticed, and if we wanna laugh at her….so what.

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