Juanita Bynum Celebrates New Start and 50th Birthday

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Despite her struggles after getting her ass whooped and stomped the f out, Juanita Bynum still managed to see the positive of reaching her 50th birthday:

ESSENCE.COM: At the sacred ceremony, which was an integral part of your birthday celebration, you wore your wedding dress. Why?
One of the greatest moments of my life was the day that I married. That day was supposed to be the defining moment of my life when I would show the world that I had stepped into my womanhood. It was always the original intention of my dress and I refused to let it not be because it was made for me. So I wore it because I felt like someone had robbed me of that right. I waited so many years to walk in it and I wanted to give the dress the honor for which it had been made. My father told me to always face your fears head-on, and since this was the dress that is connected to the incident for which the whole world remembered me, I said that if I’m going to cross over I have to go back and stand in the same place.

ESSENCE.COM: Was it difficult to wear the dress again knowing the pain and heartache that was once associated with it?
Not at all. When I opened it up my first vision wasn’t: “This is the dress I married the wrong person in.” I touched the dress and said, “I almost forgot how beautiful this dress is.” When I stood in that dress for the second time I looked at myself in amazement because I knew the real moment that I waited for all my life had come again for me to define who I was. So that’s when God gave me my new name, Juanita Bynum, II, because I have redefined myself and been reborn. It was like being given an opportunity to be me again—the new evolved me. I rewrote my ten commandments and I declared that my past would not be a part of any mockery, shame or error, and it would only be a part of my future for me to pass on lessons about my experiences. I will never allow anyone to mishandle and misrepresent my name because it’s one of the most valuable, God-given gifts.

That’s a nice story.  But, if we are going by tradition, then when she got married in that white dress, she hadn’t ever fu…oh, never mind.  God doesn’t like ugly.

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  • High Life (where we going...)

    1 up

  • wifey06


  • High Life (where we going...)

    What the hell is that on her forehead?

  • bizzle


  • http://dicooper.spaces.live.com/ DICooper


    [Get off the stage!]

  • High Life (where we going...)

    who did her hair it look a mess

  • High Life (where we going...)

    Give it up Juanita you are no longer relevant

  • uptowngirl

    please sit your ass down somewhere. thanks.

  • uptowngirl

    why does she look like Zena the Warrior Princess? smdh

  • Anonymous

    She is still trying to deal with the pain and embarrassment. I’ll pray that she get through it.

  • Zee

    1. I don’t get the lipstick AT ALL
    2. Juanita Bynum II… HUH???
    3. She looks good for 50 though

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    Wow, is it just me, or does her rationale sound like complete rubbish? Since this was her 2nd marriage, was her 1st insignficant? Did she not step into her womanhood then. I swear, I love my Christian peeps, but sometimes…ahhh, never mind. Sometimes in an attempt to be soooo deep, they just sound foolish. I think she just wanted an excuse to pull out that fugly dress and wear it again.*shrugging*

  • bizzle

    wat the hell does smh mean??????????

  • Taylor

    Is she not taking her meds again????

  • BlackLADYDoctor freshprincessofchaos.blogspot.com

    Sounds like she has unresolved issues.

    She calls herself “Prophetess.” If that were true, she would’ve known that wearing her wedding gown on her birthday is a bit eccentric…unless she was gettin married, that day. =/

  • http://www.k.com noelle

    Her lipstick is really pretty!! Yep, I need that wet and wavy weave asap..

  • Paper-clip-this

    @Just Sit and Be Pretty

    Are you an imposter? Haven’t seen you in a hot minute…

  • Kellie

    smh= shaking my head

  • http://www.myspace.com/lone_star_chic sexi254yella

    she look like a damn fool that husband of hers went upside that head one to many times

  • Black.Woman

    She looks like a damn fool.

  • Black.Woman

    “She calls herself “Prophetess.””

    You know, I may go to hell for this, but if Juanita was a prophetess, then why did she ever marry her 2nd ex husband?

  • Glok9n: The real glok !!!


  • Prophetess

    I forsee all you hating sinners going straight to hell with the devil. And yall wish you had a married a QUEEN like her HUSBAND.


    This bitch is a fake and a fraud like most big time ministers, the Lord is nothing more than a business venture that’s I’m glad to see her fall flat on her face where I hope she stays.

  • Roe ski Love -GO STEELERS

    What’s even more scary is that their are people out here who actually beleive this bullshit. Celebrity preachers are an egotistical joke. GOd speaks to us through our spirit not some damn fake profit. If you know your word, you would know that the cannon of scriptures was closed after the first five books of the Bible. Once jesus walked their was no need for Profits anymore because he released the holy spirit within us. That sprit guides us if we rely on it.

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