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Men Beauty Clinics In Asia On The Rise

This skin whitening stuff is some serious business – even for Filipino men.

Via NBC News:

Beauty clinics catering to men are thriving in the Philippines, part of a booming market for male cosmetics in the Asia Pacific region.

Expensive facial treatments, pimple injections and whitening products are not within everybody’s price range, but even rural menfolk are making an effort.

“We already have dark skin, we’ll be ugly if we get even darker,” said Romeo Apelado, 59, a fisherman wearing a worn-out mask made of pieces of fabric sewn together and a long-sleeved shirt to protect his skin from the sun, as he set out to fish for six to eight hours every day.

It’s so ironic that people of color are always going through extreme measures to get lighter skin; when at the same time, white folks are tanning and getting spraying tans and other shenanigans to get darker. Go figure.

But back to this whole “metrosexual is the new macho” stuff…ladies, are men getting too soft??? Check more images and let us know your thoughts…

Cheryl Revolo



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