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So Black women have become petting zoo animals now?

Black Hair Exhibit Allows People To Touch Black Hair

Via HuffPo reports:

Over the course of the two-hour social experiment, approximately 75 to 100 people stop by to touch, watch or engage in deep dialogue about black hair. One interesting observation: White people were not primarily the ones doing the touching. The overwhelming majority of “touchers” were women of color. In fact, most of the white passers-by seemed to walk past the opportunity without a second thought, perhaps out of a lack of curiosity, or a concern that showing that curiosity in public would appear racist, or maybe they were just uninterested in running their fingers through someone else’s hair. (Or, then again, it might just have been Thursday in New York.)

However, Opiah said it’s important to understand the exhibit simply as a social experiment, not a movement inviting the world to reach out and touch the head of the next black woman they see.

“I’m seeing a sense of discomfort and disapproval of the exhibit, which is exactly what I hoped would come to the surface,” Opiah told HuffPost via email from Paris. “It’s easy to disapprove of something so literal, but when you get the question ‘Can I touch your hair?’ in your everyday life, it goes unnoticed. I just wish more non-blacks would partake in the discussion. At the same time, I’m loving those people who are welcoming the discussion.”

Would you allow random people to run their dirty azz hands in your natural hair??




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