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Drugs are bad, m’kay? AEG promoters hit a stumbling block in court after previously denying knowledge of Michael Jackson’s drug problem.

Via NYPost reports:

The concert promoter who handled Michael Jackson’s final shows was confronted by a bombshell e-mail yesterday that contradicted company claims that officials didn’t know about his struggles with drugs.

Lawyers representing Jackson’s family in a lawsuit against concert titan AEG Live forced company CEO Randy Phillips to read a memo in he which he mentions the King of Pop being shot up with powerful medication by his longtime friend, Dr. Arnie Klein.

“He scares us to death because he is shooting him up with something,” Phillips wrote, two days before Jackson died from a lethal overdose of anesthesia in 2009.

Phillips and AEG Live have maintained throughout the trial they had no idea Jacko was struggling with drug abuse, making the e-mail a smoking gun that could seal the Jackson family’s case.

At the time of the e-mail, Phillips rejected suggestions to hire Klein, as Jackson prepared for the ill-fated “This Is It” shows.

On the witness stand yesterday, Phillips tried to explain away the e-mail, saying “I had no idea” what he meant about Klein “shooting him up with something.”

Jackson’s family is suing AEG, claiming the concert titans knew The Gloved One was ill but didn’t do anything to help him.

AEG claims it didn’t know about Jackson’s ailing health and shouldn’t be held accountable for the criminal acts of Dr. Conrad Murray, who gave Jackson the deadly anesthesia.

Murray was convicted of manslaughter and is serving four years behind bars.

Jurors seem to be well-versed in the nitty-gritty details of Jackson’s death — even knowing that his doctor loved gentlemens clubs.

Family lawyer Brian Panish isn’t allowed to mention “str!p clubs” in relation to Murray because the judge ruled that would be prejudicial to the defense.

So when Panish asked Phillips about “social establishments” that Murray was visiting — possibly distracting him from caring for Jackson — several jurors broke out in laughter, in an obvious sign they knew about the doctor’s entertainment habits.

SMH. Do you think the Jacksons should come out on top in this case?




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