Big Teases: 9 Movies And Albums We Don’t Think Are Ever Coming Out

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Movies And Albums That May Never Come Out

Artists like to make promises. They like to say things are going to happen when they probably never will. We’re tired of the lies and the BS. People promise albums and movies and we look forward to them only to get teased in the end. So here are some flicks and albums people have promised…that we’re giving up hope on ever seeing.

Rush Hour 4 – They’ve been talking about this for a decade…bring it on already.

The New Friday Movie – Didn’t they start filming this movie? Then where is it?!

Detox – Dr. Dre has been promising this album for a decade…and nada.

Outkast’s Reunion Album – Big Boi seems to be the only one interested…what gives?

The Kanye/Pharrell/Lupe Album – These three were coming together for an album and we only got one song out of it. What gives?

Coming To America II – Whatever happened to the sequel? As a matter of fact, never mind. Eddie hasn’t been funny for a while.

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    Dr. Dre and Timbaland’s Album – They were supposed to do an album together but we don’t believe anything Dr. Dre says.

    Ghostbusters 4 – We were supposed to get a fourth one of these but what happened?

    Color Purple Sequel – Alice Walker wrote a sequel…so where’s the movie?

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