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1. What dont you like about the music business right now? 
What I don’t like about the music business is the fact that labels are taking away artist creative control forcing them to produce music that doesn’t even relate to the brand or image they are pushing
2. How would you go about changing the game with your music? I would say jus stay making music for the listeners that can relate I feel every artist has their own lane a lot of artist are afraid to be there self jus go about it different In order to standout
3. What was it like working with Nipsey Hussle and touring with him?

Working with Nipsey is always a learning experience he showed me a lot when it comes to the business itself whenever we in the studio its always good vibes touring with him made me that much more relevant and I recognized the support from different states really exist
4. What was one of the most important lesson you learned on the road? 
The most important lesson I learned on the road would be  to stay focused no matter what don’t get side tracked because at the end of the day it’s a business your running so make sure everything is handled like a professional
5. I understand you have a store in the heart of LA, What kind of stuff do you sell?
Yeah I have a store opening up located in west LA will be selling all fly money brand merchandise as well as other independent brands
6. Dj Drama did a Mixtape with Problem how do you feel about west coast music branching out more then ever now?
I feel like the west coast is finally getting the momentum back it’s so many talented artist coming out its a good look as long as we continue to network and branch out it will open up more doors and give artist bigger opportunities
7. I understand your form Long Beach what is it like know an icon like Snoop came form that city do you feel pressure reppin the LBC?
I feel like its a advantage because I have long beach and LA support behind me snoop made it possible a paved a way for us as artist from the west coast to take things to a higher level
8. Describe and average day hanging with Brodee.
Start off my day surfing the web checking emails listen to new beats then studio working on new music practice makes perfect so I try and stay productive in the studio
9. Top 5 artist alive you want to get in the studio with?
Jay-z,Kendrick lamar, Rick Ross, meek mill, wiz khalifa




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