Shunned! 9 White Celebrities White America Probably Wants To Disown

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Celebrities White People Want To Disown

We all love our celebrities. No matter what ethnic background they may be. But, like everyone, we can get embarrassed when certain celebrities go on national TV and act up. And you better believe White people feel the same way. So we bet there are some they want to disown for being embarrassing.

With that said, here are nine celebrities White people probably want to disown.

Amanda Bynes – She’s having a total meltdown before our eyes…and it’s getting uglier by the day.

Miley Cyrus – She started twerking for Juicy J and almost got kicked out of her whiteness right there.

Lindsay Lohan – She almost got kicked out years ago when she became jailbird #1.

Justin Bieber – Once you hang out with Lil Twist, it’s pretty much a wrap.

Riff Raff – Can Hip-Hop disown him first?

Kreayshawn – She drank her own pee on Youtube. So there’s that.

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    Scott Disick – He’s the biggest d-bag in the world. Easily.

    Kevin Federline – The biggest gold digging man in the game, easily.

    Sarah Palin – The biggest moron in politics probably has some wishing she looked like Herman Cain.

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