Fun With Snoop at the Airport

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

What starts off as good clean fun at Heathrow airport in London with little kids dancing and playing instruments, ends up with Snoop getting into a scuffle. SMH.

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  • teri's middle name is minkuz

    damn thats messed up!.. snoop just chillen having fun..

  • I Stay SMH

    that lil boy looks like..who is this black woman effin up my flow?

  • I Stay SMH

    ummm…they really were charging with billy clubs. what kinda shyt? snoop is like a buck oh five and didn’t appear to be violent

  • me that's who

    ahhahhahhahhahh who the hell keep snoop hair so damn flyy……

  • me that's who

    and why them damn cops come charging @ him like that so wrong on so many levels…..

  • Bankable P

    I have to say it looked like the police started it. In the last couple of frames he just walking to the airport gate and then all of sudden they start pushing on him. You can even hear him say “why are you pushing me?” Poor guy, profiled at the airport as usual. It seems like everytime you hear snoop getting arrested, it’s at the airport.

  • Yo again? go thaaaat way

    That was so messed up! I really feel bad for dude cause he really did not pose a threat to anybody

  • I Stay SMH

    did you see the way the lil boy in the toy store looked at him.

    Daddy why’s that man dressed like Nana?

  • Reformed GammaRay

    WTF is wrong wit airport security? all around they bugged..geeez..

  • Dolla Bill

    Snoop should sue those suckas…Sounds like PO-PO harassment to me.

  • Sher

    I’m Black from the UK and over here the Police do not like black folk, my Fiancee and bro who go to work dont fight or smoke always get hassled and the 1st thing they say is ‘you got any drugs on you N**ga’. Additionally if Black people have a beta car then them they pull them over asking if they paid for it out of drugs money. Hence, the reason why this has not shocked me on the treatment snopp got – they want to keep Black people down but we are too strong and just dust ourself of and try again, until we reach the top.

  • fruitloop

    I live in London and all I can say is… WTH were the police doing?! There was no need for that AT ALL! Snoop wasn’t doing anything and the police decided to get all over-zealous. And that pillock who pushed him obviously wants to get famous so he can sell his story.

  • follow the leader

    Here we go again….. Those so called “cops” Pigs more like it. I am surprised the N WORD didnt come out of their mouth. those cops wanted to start some stuff.

  • mushyinfectedyellowpus


  • mzlynbkny

    Damn cops…………..they hate to see a black man with money having a good time. I luv Snoop……..that video had me in stitches!!!!!! Lol.

  • Pervster

    Lorna. That’s why you buy a car with a good security system (with ignition kill), and carry a gun (legally) for the carjackers.

  • Pervster

    ..and the police are no better in the U.S.

    …and some of the most violent and corrupt ones are BLACK.






  • Reformed GammaRay

    Oh that drug money bit is getting pretty old, is that’s all they can come with, like we arent capable of gettin money and prestige and TRAVEL swag any other way, fukk outta heah..(stepping down off soapbox for the day pass the mic down too)..

  • Tikki

    These @SSholes were just looking for a reason to start with him They had no reason too. He should file charges on them just to stick it to them

  • Purple-Rain

    I guess profiling is international. SMH 2.

  • Purple-Rain


    “The fight between Snoop and airport security began when the rapper and his entourage got the boot from a VIP lounge. Snoop was then seen yelling at a member of his crew for talking to police after they were asked to leave. From there, things just got uglier.”

  • The Goddess

    The airport security were trippin. One more reason for me to NOT visit London.

  • geefunk227

    Those folks were jealous this very young,rich,BLACK MAN gets all this love and respect.He gets out of a private jet and people like SNOOP.If your people didn’t love SNOOP there would be no problem.White women and children enjoy and respect a young black American pissed those cops off.They feel they are suppose to be the most important people in the airport.They think he’s a rich boy.HE’s not, he is an icon your children love and your wife wants to poke.SNOOP just brought attention how the BRITS feel about BLACK success.I doubt JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE would have got disrespected.I guess its okay for your wife to lust over your own kind.

  • BlackWomenJustDontListen

    This video should have been leaked earlier. It does not jibe with the media reports of Snoop’s entourage acting belligerently. We were not told about 20 Policemen were waiting at the boarding gate waving billy clubs, it was like a scene from a civil rights march in the ’60’s.

    Someone needs to call Al Sharpton. Other black entertainers need to stand up before they’re next.

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