Chit-Chatter: Monica Says Fathers Need To Man Up And Make It Rain On The Regular Like Her Kids’ Father Instead Of Depending On The Child Support System

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Miss Thang says she’s no “babymama”

Monica Says Fathers Need To Stop Depending On Courts To Take Care Of Kids

R&B songstresss Monica is well-known across the industry as someone who speaks her mind by keeps her cool all at once.

Currently pregnant and set to welcome her third child and first with baller-boo hubby Shannon Brown later on this year, Monica recently got into a detailed studio discussion with veteran ATL producer Jermaine Dupri on his show “Living The Life” about what it means to be a “babymama.”

The conversation then turned to the child support system, and Monica was quick to make it clear that she didn’t believe in the system but realize that it is necessary because not all men step up to the plate as fathers. Check out an excerpt from the conversation below:

On being referred to as a babymama:
“First of all, I don’t think I like the term ‘babymama.’ Let’s be clear, I had an 11-year-relationship and two sons came from that, which was a blessing and I am now married with another child on the way. So, I don’t know where the ‘babymama’ part comes in.”

On the child support system:
“I don’t believe in the court system. I’m not steppin’ in no court house, I’m not callin’ them people… Now let me explain. I’m sure every situation may require something different, but for me… I feel like a real man will be man enough to assess the needs of his child, and make sure that it happens. I don’t need to call you and I don’t need to call the people for you. Since I feel that way, I’ve never had any discrepancies with the father of my two oldest children at all, period, point, blank. When it’s time for it to get done, he can access the needs, come in and see what they need and it gets done. Let me pause it, there is still the type… because I have girlfriends… that deal with the type of man that’s just simply selfish…”

Well, there you have it. Ladies, what’s your take on the child support system? Do you agree with Monica?

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