Talking Smack: The Wildest Rapper Interview Quotes Of All Time

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Wild Rapper Interview Quotes

Rappers say the craziest things. It’s one thing when they say it over a beat, but it’s a whole other animal when they say these things in interviews. Their publicists must be pulling their hair out trying to keep the peace.

If you think Kanye is crazy, take a look at these rappers in their interviews. They’re wild as hell.

Lil Wayne – He’s got a million weird quotes but the best probably comes from his Katie Couric interview where he called himself a gangsta and said that gangstas don’t ask questions. Okay.

Pimp C – Remember his Atlanta rant where he said the whole city was soft? Dude shut the A down right before he passed.

DMX – In an interview with XXL he clowned Barack Obama saying he had a fake name that would never become president.

Kanye West – Yeezy’s recent New York Times interview was totally all over the place. He called himself the Steve Jobs of the Internet amongst other things.

Lil Boosie – Back in 2010 in an interview with The Smoking Section, he talked about how he stuck ecstacy pills in women’s butts to get them loaded. Ew.

Ray J – He may not be your traditional rapper as he’s more of a singer but we wanted to include him off his Hot 97 interview about the Fabolous fight where he said he had 100 cars outside the radio station waiting on him.

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    Freddie Gibbs – Gangsta Gibbs is notorious for his wild interviews. He’s gone at Rick Ross and now Jeezy. Just check his Complex interviews to see the fuss.

    50 Cent – He said he respected George W Bush’s Katrina response because it made him a gangsta. *blank stare*

    Cam’ron – He told Bill O’Reilly that he wouldn’t snitch even f his next door neighbor was a serial killer.

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