People Ain’t Isht: Pervy NYPD Cop Fired For Secretly Taking Raunchy Pics Of Woman After She Was Sexually Assaulted Sues Department For Pension Gwap!

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What the HELL makes this fool think he deserves some money??

Fired Pervert NYPD Cop Sues Department For Pension Money

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A former detective who was canned for allegedly taking sexually explicit photos of rocker David Bowie’s stepdaughter after she had been raped — and a photo of another, topless woman in police custody — is suing the New York Police Department to get his pension.

Richard Vecchio claims he would have racked up over 20 years on the job had he not been fired for official misconduct.

“His retirement benefits should not have been diminished in any way as a result of that termination,” his suit in Manhattan Supreme Court states.

And Vecchio is suing even though a state appellate court last year upheld the NYPD’s decision to fire him for “the criminal offense of official misconduct.”

The charges that Vecchio “violated several provisions of the Patrol Guide by, among other things, improperly taking and possessing nekkid photos of an arrestee and a sex assault victim are supported by substantial evidence,” the court ruled.

There was no immediate comment from the NYPD.

Vecchio was told to turn in his gun and badge in 2004 after prosecutors accused him of taking 15 nekkid pictures of then 25-year-old Stacia Lipka, whose mother was Bowie’s ex-wife.


The photos of Lipka were taken at a Staten Island hospital room. Vecchio and his partner, Detective John Holbert, were investigating Lipka’s sex attack.

Vecchio was also accused of snapping lewd photos of then 20-year-old Kristina Sellers after she had been stopped because police thought she left the scene of a 2003 accident. She was later cleared of that.

The sick snaps were later found in Vecchio’s locker at the 123rd Precinct along with an freaky magazine, a bottle of whiskey, and pictures of Britney Spears.

Vecchio was acquitted in a bench trial, but his two accusers went public and sued. The city wound up settling, paying $80,000 to Lipka and another $70,000 to Sellers.

Meanwhile, the NYPD fired Vecchio in September 2008 after he was found guilty of 11 out of 19 disciplinary charges and partially guilty of four others in a departmental trial.

Vecchio appealed. But it wasn’t until April 2012 that the appellate division ruled on the case and upheld all but two of the charges for which he was found guilty.

The audacity of this thirsty a$$hole! He gets “pension” every time he gets to breathe air with his freedom still intact.


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