Don’t Blame The Swirl! Khloe Kardashian Shoots Down Allegations Her Attention Slorin’ Lifestyle Is To Blame For Lamar’s Struggle Baller Career

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Is keeping up with the Kardashians ruining Lamar’s NBA dreams?

Khloe Kardashian Talks About Lamar And Reality Show

In a recent interview, Khloe admits she gets annoyed when people blame their reality show on Lamar’s struggles in his career. When asked if there will be another season of “Khloe & Lamar,” she says:

Via Miami Herald reports:

“Yes. It’s not finished. I’m really protective. I’m like a mama bear. And when my husband and I filmed season one, Lamar won Sixth Man of the Year, was the first (Los Angeles) Laker to do so, he won a gold medal, and he also won a championship ring for the Lakers. But the year he got traded, people wanted to say, “Oh, it’s because of the show.” So, I was really irritated. This is my husband’s career, and I just didn’t like that someone would use this tool in a negative way. . . . But, yes, it will hopefully come back sooner (rather) than later. Lamar loves doing the show.”

Do you look forward to the day when all the fame and attention are gone?

You always want what you don’t have, and you have to be really careful what you wish for. I genuinely love what we do. When that day comes, it will give me more time to do other stuff, but I’m not begging for that day to come. I’m content either way.

Lamar might as change his name to Kardashian and retire because he’s not leaving the attention slorin’ life anytime soon…

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