Doing It Wrong: 9 Homewreckers Who Snitched On Themselves

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Famous Homewreckers Who Outed Themselves

Home wreckers are the worst. They come in trying to break up happy homes and don’t have any shame about it. Usually it takes some investigation to break the news about people doing dirt. But some have no shame and out themselves.

These home wreckers were proud of their actions and told the world they were breaking up a relationship. For shame.

file brad pitt angeline jolie engaged 13.04.12

Angelina Jolie – Everyone knew she was moving in on Brad Pitt but she confirmed it later. She let the world know she stole him, but they were already together by then.

Leyla boat

Leyla Ghobadi – She put herself on blast for supposedly chopping down Yeezy behind Kimmy’s back.


Candy Supa Throat – She put Matt Barnes on blast for buying her services. Cole world.

tupac faith biggie

Tupac – He put Faith Evans on blast when he told the world he chopped her down behind Biggie’s back.


Superhead – She wrote a whole book about wrecking homes. SMH.


All Of Tiger’s Mistresses – Whoo buddy they came out of the woodwork didn’t they.

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    Britney Spears and Kevin Federline arrive at the 2006 Grammy Nominees

    Britney Spears – She was proud to take Federline from Shar Jackson and didn’t think twice.


    This Groupie – She snapped this pic of Wayne in a post-coital nap while he was dating his Becky.


    AP 9 – He’s so proud of the way he got Coco to act out of line behind Ice T’s back. Good for him, we guess.


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