Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 8 Best Moments And More: Kirk Wants Blood Test And Joseline Teams Up With Che Mack [Video]

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After talking with Stevie, Joseline admits that she was wrong for hitting Che Mack. Joseline apologizes to her only to learn that Stevie bought Che a brand-new TV.

Erica and Mimi attend a psychic reading and Mimi is shocked to learn what the psychic has to say about her relationship with Stevie J and K.Michelle.

When K.Michelle has a meeting with a celebrity strategist, she is told that her temper and attitude are diminishing her brand and will eventually ruin her career.

Shay decides that she needs to end her relationship with Scrappy in order to move on with her life.

When Joseline tells Stevie that she is ending both their business relationship and romantic relationship, Stevie becomes angry and rips up Joseline’s contract.

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