People Aint Isht: 28-Year-Old Woman Dies After Receiving Botched Butt Injections From Bootleg Doctor

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Why can’t people be happy with what God gave them?

Woman Dies From Butt Injections

Females get butt injections in these foreign countries and die all the time. A lady lost most of her limbs phucking around with bootleg doctors. SMH.

According to Mail Online

Police have launched an investigation after a woman died receiving butt-enhancement injections from a man who claimed to be a doctor from Venezuela.

Suyima Torres, 28, died in April, and police are treating it as manslaughter connected to the unlicensed practice of medicine.

Suyima reportedly visited Cuerpos Health and Aesthetics for a $1,500 procedure in which an oily yellow substance was injected into each of her butt cheeks, according to court documents.

A few weeks later she had another round of injections and felt dizzy right after. She died ten hours later.

She paid $2,300 in total cash for the injections.

Though her cause of death has not been determined, police are treating it as a homicide.

No charges have been filed but authorities still have few details for family members and a suspect believed to have left the country.

Ruth Planas, the owner of Cuerpos Health and Aesthetics LLC, is refusing to provide any information on the ‘Venezuelan Doctor’.

Torres’ mother, Coralia Espinosa, told NBCMiami her daughter was rushed to the hospital accompanied by Ruth Planas after the second procedure.

But she never told the doctors about the procedure.

‘Maybe if that woman would’ve told them early my daughter would still be here,’ she told NBCMiami.

The business appears to be closed, locked down and packages are being left on the doorstep.

Torres’ death happened just 16 days after 20-year-old Dailen Garcia says she received buttocks injections at the same center and then suffered vision problems and bleeding of the lungs.

She was hospitalized in an intensive care unit, NBC Miami reports.

Shatarka Nuby, a 31-year-old mother, was the first of Morris’ patients to die from the procedures. Nuby told friends the injection sites became hard and hot and that her skin turned black.

Morris, 32, was already facing multiple charges in Broward County, Florida, after other patients reported getting sick after she pumped them with an unhealthy concoction of chemicals as part of a black market plastic surgery business that she allegedly performed in hotels and in patients’ homes.

Everybody shares responsibility. The mom for not instilling in her daughter she was beautiful, the daughter for not doing her research and the bootleg doctor.


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