Ugh: 7 Stupid Debates Happening On “Black Twitter” Every Day

- By Bossip Staff
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7 Stupid Debates On Black Twitter

We love Black Twitter. It’s one of the greatest places on earth. It’s where we can go and talk and be at the barbershop or salon every single day. But like all communities, some conversations can get annoying.

So often we see annoying convos that drive us crazy. Here are nine of them we wish would stop.

$200 Dates – This convo has been going on for years with people debating on if women should require $200 dates. Ugh, just enjoy the meal and STFU.

$2,000 Dates – Things have escalated to 2K dates now. Sigh, you can’t be serious?

Should 2 Chainz Have Run? – This is a new one, but the discussion of whether or not 2 Chainz should have run from guns to save his life is one of the dumbest discussions going.

Is Rihanna Fine Or Not? – Would you hit? Okay, then, stop talking.

Complaining About Sneakerheads – Stop us if you’ve heard this: “Oh you can buy some Jordans but you can’t take your woman on a $200 date?!”…yeah, stop that.

“This Is Why You’re Single” Tweets – Basically, you’re just telling us why YOU’RE single and lonely and the discussion is invalid.

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    The Tragedy-Comparing Discussion – The person who starts the “you guys are tweeting about Amanda Bynes but children are starving in Africa” conversation has to go.

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