In Young And Thuggin’ White Folks News: Justin Bieber Creepin’ With Miley “Twerk Team” Cyrus Was The Last Straw For Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez Angry Over Justin Bieber Flirting With Miley Cyrus

Round 789 of the break-up-to-make up game between young Hollyweirders Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez might actually be the last one.

Despite the fact that they can’t seem to “officially” stay apart for longer than 24 hours, Selena’s camp says bad azz Bieber’s latest late-night out with Miley Cyrus was the last straw for Ms Gomez.

via Radar Online

Selena Gomez has already ended things with Justin Bieber for good, but recent snaps of the Canadian pop star flirting at a Hollywood nightclub with Miley Cyrus have her fired up and she’s furious with him for trying to throw it in her face, is exclusively reporting.

Justin and Miley hung out at Beacher’s Madhouse in the wee hours of Sunday morning and his leopard-covered Audi was photographed at her house on Saturday, causing speculation the two were getting close.

“It was already over with Justin, but seeing him hang out with Miley was the last straw for Selena,” a source close to the former Disney star told Radar.

“She’s not a Miley fan by any means and feels like Justin purposely did it just to piss her off. She’s completely severing ties with him now.”

“She’s finally taken some of their advice to heart and swears it’s finally over with him, for good,” the source said.

“She doesn’t see herself getting back together with him and just needs to move on.”

As for Justin and Miley being more than friends, the insider said they don’t foresee a relationship between the two (especially since Miley is still engaged to Liam Hemsworth), but Selena wouldn’t put it past them to fool around.

“Both Justin and Selena are known for making bad choices, so Selena’s not convinced that in the heat of the moment Miley wouldn’t slip,” the insider told Radar.

Since make-it-clap Miley is still coupled up with her loverboy Liam, this is probably nothing more than a flirty friendship. But it sounds like Selena wasn’t really feeling Miley to being with anyway. Boo-hoo for the Biebz.

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