Twitter Files: Steebie J Puts Che’ Mack On Blizzy Blast For Thirsting To Work With Him – “I Made You Relevant.. Be EZ Kid”

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Stevie J And Che Mack Argue Over Music And Relevancy

As if Love & Hip Hop Atlanta posterboy Stevie J doesn’t engage in enough general fawkery on every single episode as it is, VH1 has now added a new seat on Steebie’s bus that is currently being occupied by Philly-born hood muffin rapstress Che Mack.

On last weeks’ episode, we saw Joseline sit down with Steebie and Che Mack to apologize for their almost slappy-happy encounter at ‘de skrip club.’ Shortly after, Che then reaffirmed her desire to get on a pole  track with Joseline with Steebie as the head honcho.

Well, it doesn’t look like Che’s street dreams are even close to coming true.  She recently complained about Steebie’s lack of response to her collabo request on Twitter, and he was quick to put her in check:

Joseline runs her own show now, Mimi moved out, and now Steebie can’t even keep a handle on his new booty Che. The Steebie J bus is lookin’ a lil empty, no?

YouTube/Black Men’s Digital

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