Broken Dreams: 9 Lovable Hip-Hop Couples That Didn’t Work

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No one ever wants to admit when they’ve let “the one” slip away, but it’s normal, especially in celebrityville where lovable couples split quickly and dysfunctional situations last forever. Mostly coupled-up for publicity, it’s rare to see famous couples that you actually root for (not against).

Here are nine lovable Hip-Hop couples that didn’t work. Take a look.

Kanye & Alexis

Yeezy has never been happier than he was with ex-fiance Alexis Phifer who shattered his heart into a million pieces and created the self-obsessed, leather blouse-wearing fame monster he is today.

3 Stacks & Erykah Badu

They were a strangely-wonderful match made in gluten-free heaven who named their child after a prime number (that can never be divided). The reason 3 Stacks started dressing like an intergalactic sharecropper and wearing blonde wigs?
His baby mama, Ms. Badu.

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Keyshia Cole & Jeezy

Black hood love never seemed more authentic than when two-tone-haired R&B hoodrat Keyshia and hood hero Jeezy kicked it. At one point, Keyshia truly believed they were getting married. Jeezy’s response: “HaaHaaaaaaaaaa.”

Fantasia & Young Dro

Between Tasia Mae’s gleeful hoodrattery and Dro’s beautifully-colorful mind, they were made for each other but somehow didn’t work.

DMX & Tashera

Tashera genuinely loved Dark Man X through the storms, hundreds of mistresses, random barking fits, crackhead antics and addiction to jail but X took her for granted. If ANY rapper wife was ride or die, it was Tashera Simmons.

Nas & Kelis

Jay-Z married Beyonce. Nas married…Kelis which actually worked beautifully at first before spiraling into yet another L for legendary L-collector Nasir Jones.

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    Weezy & Toya

    Weezy’s first of several baby mamas was gorgeous, ambitious and the first woman he ever fell in love with but disposable once Cash Money took over foe da 9-9 and da 2000.

    Diddy & Kim Porter

    Diddy may be smashing then ignoring Cassie but baby mama Kim has his heart. On/off forever, they’ll probably never get married despite their obvious chemistry.

    Russell Simmons & Kimora Lee

    Russell and Kimora had the perfect celebrity marriage until everything fell apart. Maybe it was the 900-year age difference or Russell’s obsession with fresh young models (which she wasn’t anymore), we don’t know, but she left and never looked back.

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