Bogus Bolitics: Black GOP Advocate Says Black And Latino People Are Paid By The Government In Foodstamps Not To Vote For Republicans

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“What will they think of next?”

Rich Thompson: Government Assistance Programs Keep Minorities From Voting Republican

In yet another desperate attempt to blame anyone but themselves for the lack of support from minorities, a GOP advocate from Georgia recently proclaimed that the African-American and Latino population’s “dependency” on government assistance programs is indirectly responsible for more minorities not voting Republican.

via Think Progress

Minority voters are too dependent on the government to understand what’s good for them, and that’s why they don’t vote for Republicans, according to a panelist at the influential Faith And Freedom Coalition Conference’s minority outreach discussion.

On Friday, Rich Thompson, the founder of a Georgia-based 100 Dads — an organization that advocates for “school choice” — spoke on a panel entitled “The True Rainbow Coalition: Building an Organization in Minority Faith Communities.” There, Thompson suggested that the reason Republicans couldn’t make inroads with voters of color “are being paid by the government” with benefits.

He argued that the best thing for Republican minority outreach would be understanding this dynamic, and thus figuring out how to cut federal benefit programs and make minority voters more pliable to free-market views:

I learned from a pastor probably over a decade ago who said there’s only three things on this Earth that defy logic: Who’s friends with who, who’s related to who and who’s paying who. So before we leave today I would like each of you to contemplate these things when it comes to reaching out to diverse minority communities.

If we speak to the latter, who’s paying who, right now an extremely disproportionate number of people of color are being paid by the government. Therein lies a serious problem. We can’t just cut everybody off instantaneously. But we have to have a serious conversation about how we get people to being producers and not receivers.”

So, let’s get this straight. In a nutshell, minority citizens are so thirsty for government assistance that they just can’t turn away from the lure of the Democratic party who makes it all possible…and that’s the reason for the lack of minority Republican voters.

Never mind the blatantly racist actions, statements and laws supported and created by the GOP on a daily basis. SMH.

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