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The Mahogany Father’s Day card stirs the pot for another year…

Hallmark “Mahogany” Father’s Day Card For Mother’s Sparks Debate

Yesterday, we came across yet another brief discussion that was sparked surrounding a Father’s Day card (pictured above) created by popular Hallmark-affiliated brand “Mahogany,” which was developed to appeal specifically to African-American consumers.

The outside of the card, which reads “For My Mom On Father’s Day,” left a few folks feeling that Mahogany’s decision to sell this card for the umpteenth year in a row was a blatant attempt to continue capitalizing on the negative single mother/absent father stereotype that society often associates with the African-American community.

On the other side of the debate were those who felt that the card was a genuinely heartfelt gesture that gave those in the community without fathers present in their lives for whatever reason the chance to let their mothers know that they too are appreciated on this day for stepping into the role of both parents as best they could.

While many single parents do in fact step into the role of the missing parent everyday, many debating the topic also felt that women can’t be fathers or teach young boys how to be men and fathers can’t be mothers or teach young girls how to be women, so fathers should be able to be celebrated on their holiday without having to share the day with single mothers and vice versa.

An additional point was made that Hallmark also sells similar cards that are not marketed towards African-Americans for people without both parents.

So what say you, Bossip fam? Is Mahogany trying to make money by reinforcing a negative stereotype that undermines black fathers and families? Or is the card nothing more than a positive gesture meant to provide an option for those without both parents who want to show their mother appreciation on Father’s Day?

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