New Illuminati Kid On The Block: A Sit Down With Mason Born Ceaser Mullan And New Video Starring Rosa Acosta “Like A V!rgin” [Video]

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1. You have a nice blend of trap eclectic sonic bounce with a touch of trap. How did this happen?
CM: Thank you.. I’m from Florida. I grew up in the South. TI is the king of the South and he really pioneered trap music. That’s one of my biggest hip hop influences on gp.  Now I live in Hollywood. Before I moved out here I went to college at Penn State. You take that and mix it with me being a kid of the MTV generation when everyone just started experimenting with mixing sounds…Walk This Way, 99 Problems… and you get what I make. It’s just music that’s been influenced by a lot.
2. Cea$ar Mullan why not just Ceasar? Why not just Mullan? Dope name by the way.
CM: It’s just some epic regal fashion swag sh*t. Cea$ar like Julius Caesar and Mullan pronounced like the fashion capital Milan, but spelled like mulla, which is slang for money, with an N at the end. And CM are my real initials.
3. What direction is your digital album taking us?
CM: This music is swag as f*ck. It’s cool like what mainstream hip hop is right now…like Kanye, Drake, Future and Kendrick Lamar. But it’s my perspective so it’s influenced by the South and also there are some crazy indie artist features. I have a track with Michael Jackson’s nephew Austin Brown, a track with Famous Kid Brick, and a song with a crazy female vocalist named Arielle O’keefe. If you look up those  kids you’ll see what I’m talking about. The sound is cool and diverse. It’s Cool Kid music. Hip Hop heads gotta listen to the Young Scooter Colombia remix and Rocko UOENO remix.
4.  Pharell, Kanye and Common. Do you relate to those guys? You’re fashion forward so do you get inspired by those guys a lot?
CM: I’m definitely inspired by those guys. Musically and image wise, those guys all inspire me. From Billionaire Boys Club to Kanye’s DW line and collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti, they paved the way for everything that I’m aspiring to do. I want to be known for doing cool sh*t and making cool Fashion, Art and Music with the coolest kids.
5. Who is the one person you want to work with and why?
CM: There are so many people I want to work with… If I had to pick one person, cliche or not, I’m gonna say Jay Z.
6. Who is your favorite designer?
CM: Marni is crazy dope. I’m actually previewing some crazy Marni boots from Spring Summer 2013 right now. I just posted them on my Instagram.
7. How do you feel about the Molly and Over drug use in the music?. I know everyone had a good time but how do you play with those references?
CM:It’s crazy because on one hand the idealist in all of us wants to say you should be a good role model. But music is art. And who are we to criticize someone’s art. Everything’s not for everyone. I try to be conscious to a certain degree. My music will always be about my girl, or my life, or just some fun sh*t. I’m a big brother, so I’m not gonna make something I couldn’t explain to my little sister.
8. You said your pops is a mason how was it growing up in that household?
CM: See… Like that, I really can’t talk about that. I know I put it in the song but that was just the art pouring out of me.
9. If you could buy one thing today no limit on the price what would it be and why?
CM: Honestly. If I had that opportunity right now I wouldn’t buy a crazy car or crazy house. I would buy a lifetime worth of advertising space on a few major outlets. Seriously. I just want to share my art with the world. From my music to my art to my fashion. I want to be able to help my friends share their art. We’re all doing cool shit just promoting being yourself and being successful and doing what you love. So I would buy the guaranteed opportunity to be able to share that with the world.
10. Cea$ar Mullan what can we expect from a diverse artist like yourself in the future?
CM: Expect more art. There will be a lot of videos and every video is going to be different. There’s gonna be lots of fashion too.  on all my social media Follow me on Vine @KingCM …and on Twitter and on instagram @ChrisMannor


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