Throwback Pictures: Aaliyah and Jay-Z BBQ in the Hamptons 2000

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here are some pics of Aaliyah and Jay-Z partying it up at one of his Hamptons BBQ’s back in the day. At the time, Damon Dash was her boyfriend reportedly…we don’t know about her being a jumpoff, but perhaps a damn close friend to both of them to say the least.

Pop it and see…

R.I.P. Babygirl

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  • http://~ FakeAssHungryHoHannibal

    Gosh, she was gorgeous. Whatever she did, she did behind closed doors-like a lady.
    ~R.I.P Aaliyah~

  • Oshie

    Poor Aaliyah… everyone was using her. Poor Sexy Thing.

  • Da Key

    She was such a beautiful woman. R.I.P.

  • grendel

    Is it me or did Jay’s jowls protrude as he got older?

  • Re is excited to see GAMBIT in May. FINALLY!

    Well, here she’s hugging on Dame and hanging with Jay at the same party. Clearly she’s comfortable and not violating Dame (publicly). Bossip, unless you have a picture of Jay having sex with Aaliyah, stop insinuating.

  • Undisclosed Writer

    This one should be left alone.


    aww i miss her she is very pretty

  • Mrs. Rance

    If she was dating either one of them at the time these pics were taken then she was waay to up on the other one. I can’t tell who she is with from these pics. Maybe both of them were just friends of hers at the time. That’s what I hope.

  • Adrienne

    Please let her rest in peace. This is 2009 that was back in 2000. We love and miss you Aaliyah.

  • http://~ FakeAssHungryHoHannibal

    from the photo’s, it looks as if they are all partying-together. The lady behind Jay has her hand on his stomach and her body is pressed against him. Maybe they were all friends. Some groups of friends sleep with each other. Not saying she did or would. I think it’s old news and should be left with her to rest. It’s a respect thing, Bossip.

  • Kels

    Umm, these pics were jacked from LSA. You could at least give them credit!SMH

  • Kiss my ass Bossip

    Yall need to get off Aaliyah her and Jay were friends end off, men and women can be friends and they were friends for years maybe it was Jay who introduced her to Damon you blinking morons, how you speaking ill of the dead, no respect if I was her I would haunt your blow wow and slap you upside your head with this BS I don’t know who started this sh*t but there wrong, she’s been gone for nearly 8 years let her rest in peace, the only thin you should be talking about is the upcoming movie about her life

  • Mock Rock Star is taking over


    Poor Aaliyah… everyone was using her. Poor Sexy Thing.

    LOL Poor sexy thing LOL

  • caligirl

    No seriously! I am a big fan of Bossip this and another blog site are the only two I visit because ya’ll keep it kinda clean and don’t go overboard with the rumors and being rude. But this right here needs to stop. I know you guys are not out right saying it but this is the second post where you are basically insinuating that Aaliyah could have been a jump-off. PLEASE LEAVE IT ALONE!!! It’s called RESPECT! She is not here to defend herself and it really doesn’t matter because she is no longer here.Think of her family and those close to her they don’t want to hear about this ish.

  • http://bossip Shaunie27




    This must be a slow news day. Can yall seriously let this go??? This is so rude.

  • Can't Believe This

    OMG BOSSIP SERIOUSLY! LET HER BE. Aaliyah and “jumpoff” have NO business being in the same sentence. SERIOUSLY! Have some respect.

  • Thatdude101

    You tell this old, look at Hov’s long azz Tee. LOL

  • Lesley

    Aaliyah was a beautiful talented woman I don’t believe in any way that she was a jump off, she had so much respect for herself. I love her and she is and will always be my #1 female artist I think she is better than beyonce atleast Aaliyah didn’t have to dress half naked and stick her ass out everywhere to get attention that is what I call class I miss her so much. RIP Baby Girl! 🙂

  • BE

    I love Aaliyah if she was doing them both that is her business

    Anyway Bossip why yall recycling this? Yall had the same one up the other day!

  • noelle

    Dang Jay you just pullin’ pictures out the stash like Bey aint around. But yeah man I heard those Hampton BBQs were crazy. Didn’t you mess with Superhead too? And I already know you messed with Nas’s babyma-ma. Lol

  • Monie

    Aaliyah isn’t here to defend herself. so please stop it with that jumpoff crap.

    This is why I’m not excited about the Aaliyah film. People are going to be all sorts a crazy stuff about her.

  • cutemama007


  • j

    let it go, thats almost a decade old

  • Monie

    Should be: People are going to be SAYING all sorts a crazy stuff about her.

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