Can’t Get Right: 10 Celebrities Who Are Known For Their Trouble With The Law

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Some ninjas just love having three square meals a day and being told when to pee because they stay getting in trouble with the law.

Here are 10 celebrities known for their legal trouble.

Chad Johnson

You would think after the headbutting incident Chad would simmer down, but this broke ninja just got released from jail today and we’re sure he’ll be going back soon.

Justin Bieber

Justin, we know it was you speeding through that neighborhood about to run down innocent children. Stop blaming it on your black phucktarded friend Tyler The Creator.

Chief Keef

How your black azz get arrested for speeding, go to court and get arrested five minutes later?

2 Chainz

We only know of his latest arrest at LAX, but we would think after getting robbed, he would stay as clean as possible. Plus, he’s posing with police and getting locked up. Where they do that at?

We think he got arrested on purpose to overshadow him running from those robbers like a lil’ beyotch.

Chris Brown

What hasn’t been said about Chris Breezy and his legal woes? Ninja needs to stop chasing West Indian and rice cake box and book him a spot on “Fix My Life.”

Amanda Bynes

Amanda is a white beyotch lost. She calls everyone ugly and she is a fugly hoe herself. Amanda needs an exorcism like Emily Rose or she will be the next rich white chick to slit her wrists.

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    T.I. got out of jail and then went right back to jail. That has to be a world record. He is better now, but a ninja like that you have to keep your eye on to make sure he doesn’t relapse. It’s like he is an addict and jail is his drug.

    Gucci Mane

    Gucci Mane getting arrested should have never happened. At this stage in his career he should have soldiers ready to take the fall for him because that’s how real bosses move. Plus, you trying to give Chief Keef advise and your ish be phucked up? Ninja bye.

    Lindsay Lohan

    We want Lindsay locked the phuck up. Chad gets 30 days for slapping azz and this beyotch still free?

    Katt Williams

    Katt Williams has been arrested at least 40 times. We’re one of those crabs in the bucket. Every time Katt gets right, we will pull him back. Just kidding. We wish him well.

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