Technology Is Awesome: New “Anti-Social Network” Called Hell Is Other People Uses Your Frenemies’ Foursquare Updates To Help You Avoid Awkward Run-Ins [Video]

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This is pure comedy! Fawk Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Instagram — our new favorite website is an “anti” social media network that helps you steer clear of bugaboos.

Via NYDailyNews reports:

A new “antisocial media” website aims to keep users as far away from their friends as possible.

“Hell is Other People” uses Foursquare to pinpoint pals’ check-ins on a map, then calculates “optimally distanced locations” where you’ll be able to dodge them.

“I actually really hate social media,” said creator Scott Garner, who tests the safe zones in a video about the project. “I had to sign up for a social media site to talk to people to get them to be my friends on that site, so I could avoid them.”

Garner’s new site — more of a social experiment than an actual business venture — could come in handy for introverts seeking downtime or anyone who simply needs a social media break.

But there’s a catch: The project works only if friends frequently check into Foursquare.

See but who wants to “friend” people they don’t like? SMH. This technology is faulty already.

Heart On Your Sleeve from Scott Garner on Vimeo.

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