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The good folks at Men’s Health have compiled a list of cities where you can get some chop-down action with ease

A List Of The Most Sexually Satisfied Cities In America

By and large America is in love with 3 things, money, scandal (real ones not just the damn TV show), and good ol’ fashioned, bust-it-wide-open sex! As much as people’s freaky-deeky desires consume their thoughts, there are some cities that appear to be getting their hump on a LOT more than others.

If you’re going through a drought and your nether regions are drier than the Mojave, then you might want to consider moving to one of these places!

Hit the flip to see which cities are basking in post-coital bliss the most!

Images via tumblr/AP/Facebook

#10 Chicago, IL

#9 Boise, ID

#8 Austin, TX

#7 Denver, CO

#6 San Antonio, TX

#5 Salt Lake City, UT

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#4 Cincinnati, OH

#3 Fort Wayne, IN

#2 Columbus, OH

#1 Indianapolis, IN



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