Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder: 9 Beautiful Celebrity Women Who Are Slept On

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Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some celebrity women are lusted after for their looks while others are pushed to the side.

Here are 9 celebrity women who are beautiful, but aren’t given the props they deserve.


Solange is a beautiful woman with great style and she takes risks with her fashion, but sadly her beauty is overshadowed by her big sis Beyonce.

Kerry Washington

People regard Kerry as a great actress and we all love us some Scandal, but some think of her as a semi pretty beyotch. She is actually a beautiful chocolate bunny.


Big girls don’t always get love, but have great box. Adele may be thicker than a snicker, but she is a classic beauty.


At first glance Brandy looks like a half black, half Chinese alien. However, she has grown into her looks…cheers hoping she gives us more great music.

Lady Gaga

Some people refer to her as a “but her face.” Lady Gaga is a unique beauty. She’s not classically beautiful, but we bet most guys would beat the hello kitty.


Pink once said she never got the cover of magazines because she was considered not pretty. We would like to say go phuck yourself to who ever put that idea in her head.

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    Nicki Minaj

    Nicki may walk around looking like a Barbie Doll on crack, but she hasn’t ruined her good looks with plastic surgery the way Lil’ Kim has done…yet.

    K. Foxx

    She is a sweet chocolate sister, but her beauty is overshadowed by that lopsided, $5 wig.

    Viola Davis

    Society doesn’t give dark skin girls their props. In a world where light skin, long hair is the norm, Viola stands out. She is a real beauty.

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