Welp: Parents Vote Bad Boy Chris Breezy And Miley “Make It Clap” Cyrus As The Worst Role Models For Kids

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Hide ya kids…

Parents Vote Chris Brown And Miley Cyrus As Worst Role Models For Kids

While it may seem that R&B bad boy Chris Brown is finally back in good standings with his fan-base, one group of people who are definitely not Team Breezy are their parents, who recently vote Breezy and self-proclaimed twerk team extraordinaire Miley Cyrus the worst role models for kids.


Sorry, Miley Cyrus and Chris Brown: Moms and dads do not want their kids looking up to you.

The two pop stars were voted the worst female and male role models for kids, according to 2,407 parents surveyed by CouponCodes4u.com. Sixty-eight percent of the people surveyed chose the “Ashtrays & Heartbreaks” singer as the worst female. Seventy-one percent chose the self-admitted “arrogant and hot-headed” Breezy as worst male.

Cyrus edged out Lindsay Lohan (at No. 2 with 65 percent of votes), Kim Kardashian (No. 3, 63 percent), Rihanna, Ke$ha and Taylor Momsen.

Brown beat out Kanye West (at No. 2 with 67 percent of votes), Justin Bieber (No. 3, 65 percent), Lil Wayne and Jay-Z.

With that, 58 percent didn’t think celebrities should even be considered examples for kiddies in the first place.

It really wasn’t THAT long ago that Chris Brown was the All-American boy and Miley Cyrus was teen queen. Fast forward 5 years and they’ve been crowned king and queen of the role model rejects. Cold world.

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