Jesus Take The Wheel: 14-Year-Old Straight-A Student Electrocuted To Death Trying To Help Who Friend Had Been Shocked By Power Line!

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This is some sad, sad isht. Have your kleenex handy.

14-Year-Old Fairfax Boy Electrocuted To Death Trying To Save His Friend

Via WashingtonPost

When Bennett Rill handed his parents a straight-A report card on the last day of school Tuesday, a long summer and a promising future stretched before the talented student and athlete.

Carolyn Rill said her 14-year-old son was buoyant as he asked to go out with friends. She saw no reason to object, telling him: “Do what you want to do. You had a great year.”

But just hours after the Oak Hill boy graduated from eighth grade at Rachel Carson Middle School in Herndon, he was dead. His parents said it appears that he was electrocuted trying to help a friend who had been shocked by a live electrical wire. Fairfax County police called the incident a “terrible tragedy.”

Derick Rill said it would not surprise him if his son died rendering aid; it was the way he lived. Bennett tutored kids at Floris United Methodist Church in Herndon, and friends said he was quick with an encouraging word. A coach said he went all-out on the basketball court and football field.

“Bennett showed such an incredible spirit. It lifted up his teammates, lifted up his church and lifted up his family,” Derick Rill said. “I want to carry him with me forever. I hope others do the same, too.”

Carolyn Rill said she dropped Bennett and three friends off at Herndon’s Glory Days Grill to eat dinner Tuesday evening. Afterward, the three 14-year-olds and a 15-year-old wandered over to nearby Fox Mill Elementary School.

It’s unclear why, but the teens began to climb the side of the school, which was wet. The president of the elementary school’s PTA said students have long tried to climb onto school roofs in Fairfax County.

The parents of the 15-year-old who was with Bennett said their son felt “pins and needles” throughout his body as he scaled the building and began to realize there was an electric current running through the water.

A moment later, the family said, the boy received a strong electrical shock and was blown off the structure.

The family said the 15-year-old fell about 10 to 12 feet to the ground. The other boys rushed to help the teen, who was unconscious. Bennett became entangled in electrical wires and was electrocuted, they said.

R.I.P. Bennett Rill. Be careful out there kids.

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