For Discussion: GOP Goon Says Food Stamp Recipients Are Greedy And Intentionally Buy ‘Expensive’ Food Items….Do You Agree?

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GOP Advocate Says Food Stamp Recipients Intentionally Buy Expensive Items

As Republicans tirelessly continue their push for the approval of massive spending cuts to the food stamp program, GOP goon squad member Donny Ferguson, who works as a communications director for Republican Representative Steve Stockman of Texas, says he recently went shopping using the same allotment of food stamps given to the average American enrolled in the program and found that it was more than enough.

The director then went on to insist that in light of his experience, spending cuts to the food stamp program would not leave the more than 40 million U.S. citizens currently on food stamps hungry.

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“I wanted to personally experience the effects of the proposed cuts to food stamps. I didn’t plan ahead or buy strategically, I just saw the publicity stunt and made a snap decision to drive down the street and try it myself,” said Congressman Steve Stockman

I put my money where my mouth is, and the proposed food stamp cuts are still quite filling,” said Ferguson.
“We can cut the proposed benefits by an additional 12.4 percent and still be able to eat for a week,” said Ferguson. “Not only am I feeding myself for less than the SNAP Challenge, I will probably have food left over.” |

“I didn’t use coupons, I didn’t compare prices and was buying for one, instead of a family. I could have bought even more food per person if I were splitting $126 four ways, instead of budgeting $31.50 to eat for one” said Ferguson.

“I could have bought cheaper vegetables instead of prepared red beans and rice, but I like red beans and rice. Folks aren’t buying fast food instead of vegetables because of benefit limits, they’re buying fast food because fast food tastes great and vegetables taste like vegetables.”

So what’s your take on this, Bossip fam? Should food stamp recipients be limited to how they can spend their benefits? Or are Republicans just looking for another way to stick it to minorities?

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