Baby Mama Drama: Allison Mathis Appeals Judge’s Ruling On Low Child Support Payments For Chris Bosh, Claims He Lied About Residency!

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Looks like Chrissy Bosh might have sunk his own battleship…

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Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh recently professed his love for Miami, saying: “I’m in Miami for the rest of my career. I plan to be there. I plan to retire there. I plan to win hopefully a lot more championships there. So that’s where home is.”

But as Bosh prepares for tonight’s Game 6 of the NBA Finals, his words could eventually come back to haunt him!

In August, Bosh told an Orlando judge trying to determine Bosh’s residency in connection with child support payments to a baby mama that his native Texas, not Florida, would always be his home.

Saying he found Bosh to be credible when he told him he always intended to remain a Texan, the judge ruled in December that the ball player shouldn’t legally be considered one of us — never mind that Bosh lives on North Bay Road in Miami Beach.

Baby mama Allison Mathis sued Bosh to force him to pay higher Florida child support rates, about $30,000-a-month instead of the $2,600-a-month that a court in Texas told Bosh to pay.

Orlando Judge Robert Evans ruled in favor of Bosh — but with the case now in appeals court, Mathis’ lawyer says she’ll use Bosh’s new-found love for Miami to show how Bosh lied to Evans.

“Chris Bosh’s testimony in court about his being a Florida resident is exactly opposite of what he recently told the media,” said attorney Jane Carey. “He now says he intends to retire here after playing for the Heat.

“You can’t be a resident of Texas and retire in Florida.

“Chris Bosh fooled the trial judge, but we believe that the Appellate Court will reverse the lower court decision.”

We’re not sure if Chris’ dedication to Miami in an interview is legal grounds for Allison to get more money, but that won’t stop a thirsty broad from trying. SMH

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