Good News: Kansas City Chief’s Jovan Belcher’s 9-Month-Old Daughter Appointed Legal Guardian

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We’re glad this little girl will have someone to look after her.

Judge Decides Custody Of Jovan Belcher’s Daughter

Why did he not think about his daughter before doing something so horrible?

According to TMZ

It’s been 7 months since Kansas City Chiefs player Jovan Belcher murdered his girlfriend and then shot himself … but now a judge has finally decided who will get custody of the NFL player’s 9-month-old daughter.

A probate judge in Missouri has appointed Sophie D. Perkins as the legal guardian of Zoey Michelle Belcher. Perkins is Zoey’s first cousin (once removed) on her mother’s side.

Zoey’s mother — Kasandra Perkins– was shot to death by Belcher on December 1st, 2012. Belcher then drove to Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City … where he killed himself.

Jovan’s mother had tried to obtain custody of the child — but the judge clearly felt Perkins was the better choice.

According to court docs, Zoey will inherit Jovan’s estate — which has been valued at $799,119.85. She’s also reportedly set to receive at least $1,000,000 from the NFL … plus $1.2 million from a life insurance policy.

The main cause of this tragedy was that Jovan was a little boy in a man’s body. Therefore, he didn’t know how to handle a disagreement with his girlfriend and killed her. This type of beyotchazzness is common in about 80 percent of black males. Sad.

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