This Is Why You’re Single: 8 Celebrities You Should STOP Taking Relationship Advice From

- By Bossip Staff
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These Celebrities’ Advice Is The Worst

If you frequent Twitter enough, you’ll be bombarded with enough relationship advice to make yourself cry. Everyone has something to say about why you’re single and why you should be changing yourself. Sigh. It’s most often a big bag of doo doo.

So just stop listening.

Here a few “relationship advisors” who should get ignored immediately and forever.

Steve Harvey – He’s got his relationship book but he’s been divorced a couple of times…what?

Chey B – If you listen to Ask Chey B you deserve every bad thing that happens to you.

Iyanla – She damn near ruined DMX even worse than usual. She has nothing to offer.

Tyrese – If you follow his twitter you can see him dropping some of the worst bits of “knowledge” ever. Remember when he said doing it feels so good that he thinks of his kids? Right.

Plies – Basically he just wants you to smash her brains out. That’s it. That’s the end of his advice

Drake – Keep thinking it’s okay to steal another man’s woman if you want to. Get your face knocked off.

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    Dr. Phil – You still listening to him? No, right?

    Eddie Long – People still go to his church and listen to him. Wow.

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