Foolery: Steebie J Says He Could Handle Erica Mena While Mimi Says She’s A “Spitter” And Compares Nikko’s Peen Size To Steebie J’s

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Saturday fawkery courtesy of Steebie J and Mimi

Steebie J And Mimi Talk About Their Dating Lives

As this season of LHHATL nears it’s finale, it’s never quite clear what exactly will become of the love-hate relationship between cast members Mimi Faust and Stevie J, but one certainty is that you can always count on these two to speak foolery in the midst of their reality show struggle.

VLAD TV caught up with Steebie when he had a little down time during the LHHATL off-season and asked his thoughts of fellow VH1 reality chick and LHHNY wild child Erica Mena.

Check out his response below:


On what he thinks about Erica Mena:
“From what I’ve seen so far, you know um, she’s gone go for hers. She has that tenacity and that drive that’s gonna get her where she’s gotta go. I heard that one song and it sounds as if she actually has something going for herself. I would like to see what she’s got going on, good luck to her. But I got my hands full already.”

On whether he could handle Erica and how he would control her situation:
“I mean I can handle anything. It’s not about the control, it’s about the instruction, the guidance. It’s the guidance that I would give to her would be a little different and shift her in a different direction but, it’s working for her. She does well.

With the ladies, my email is flooded with chicks that’s tryna get on and tryna get that guidance. See when I meet a chick, I tell to peel that….unzip that. They got weave on? Take that sh*t off. Let me see your edges. Let me see what you working with under there. So, if they aint got they edges right, I give em some good Morrocan oil, fix em up strong, Some chicks come in a lil overweight, I put em on my work out plan. Now? They good to go.”

SMH! Steebie was an all-time high with his fawkery in this interview. Hit the flip to hear Mimi and Nikko touch on everything about their love life behind closed doors including knob-slobbing, rough sex, and schlong size.

Mimi and her down low loverboy Nikko recently stopped by Kandi’s “KKN” show and put their freak-nasty bedroom habits on full blast, with Mimi even admitting that she’s “a spitter”, and Nikko saying he likes to lightly choke his women during sex.  You can listen to the entire raunchy interview below. (Mimi and Nikko start their shennanigans at about the 1:24 mark)

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The preview of next week’s LHHATL episode shows Mimi pretty much kicking Nikko to the curb, but this interview happened very recently…, what’s really going on with these two?

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