Are You Serious? Justin “Young And Thuggin’ ” Bieber Holds Up Plane For 8 Hours To Look For His Pet Monkey

- By Bossip Staff

Justin, we know Selena left you and that monkey is all you have, but this is ridiculous.

Justin Bieber Holds Up Flight Looking For Monkey

Justin needs the hand of Jesus upon him. All this money this wigger has made and he’s chasing a monkey? He’s rich, white, and good looking. He should be chasing dumb, white girls with big titties and squirting his kids on their faces.

According to TMZ

Justin Bieber has pissed off a private jet company … because his plane has been grounded in Miami for 8 hours, while Justin searches for his pet monkey … TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … Justin rented a private jet to take him from Miami to Burbank. The plane was supposed to take off at 11 AM ET, but the Biebs called to say he was running late.

Hours passed … and he showed up at around 3 PM. But we’re told he wasn’t ready to smoke out of Miami because he needed to pick up his monkey from West Palm Beach.

Four more hours passed, and the monkey hasn’t surfaced at the airport. We’re told Bieber actually chartered a helicopter to bypass street traffic and retrieve the primate.

We’re told Bieber has 30 minutes left at the time of this post … before the pilot pulls the plug because he’s about to run out of duty time.

If we were the pilot, we would read Justin the Riot Act. The poor pilot has already had a rough day at work and you make his day worse over a fugly monkey?

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