Young And Gettin’ It: 9 Celebrities Who Are On Their Grind And Making That Scrilla

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Being a young person in the industry can be tough. The 360 contracts and shady music politics can be the downfall of an artist.

Here are 9 young people who are pimping the music game.


Drake is forever winning. His perfect blend of hardcore lyrics and his ways with the ladies keep him on top. Drake will be getting that mainstream scrilla for a long time. Light skin ninjas stay winning.

Rita Ora

Rita has Jay-Z by her side and if he can pull another Rihanna, she will be set for life. Rita is hungry and fresh faced. She has that “It” factor to win.

Meek Mill

Meek Mill is winning even though he is riding wit the phuck boy Rick Ross. Ricky is as fake as a $2 bill, but Meek is the real deal. Plus he has some great music.

Kendrick Lamar

His album Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City is a classic. Kendrick is the fresh shot of creativity that Hip Hop needs now.

Ray J.

We hate to say it, but “I Hit It First” is a hit no matter how tacky it is. Ray J is outhea doing all type of promotional bullisht. The scumbag is winning.

Nicki Minaj

“Apparel and dominating every avenue.” Nicki just signed a lucrative Moscato deal, not to mention she has several other endorsements. Ya’ll may hate on Nicki, but you need to take notes.

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    Chris hitting her upside her head was all she needed. She started making that good music, is selling out tours and dare we say it: outselling King Bey. Phuck yo haterz

    Justin Bieber

    Justin Bieber may act like he is cousins with Amanda Bynes, you know: white and out of control. However, Justin started as a young kat in the game and the chicks still want to swallow his babies.


    Yes, we know Jay-Z is long in the tooth, but he just signed a major deal with Samsung and his new CD has already went platinum. Boss move.

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