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There she goes, y’all.  Kimora, pregnant neck rolls and all, looked good as she hit the red carpet with her man, Djimon, for the premiere of his movie, “Push,” out in LA.  Don’t they look great together?

More pics AND the Simmons divorce has finally gone through when you…

Kimora Lee Simmons and Russell Simmons have officially finalized their divorce, papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court Wednesday — and obtained by Entertainment Tonight — show.

The couple — who cited “dissolution” as the grounds for calling it quits — announced they were splitting in 2006 after about eight years of marriage.

In June 2008, Kimora Lee was granted sole legal and physical custody of the couple’s daughters, Ming Lee, 8, and Aoki Lee, 6. Russell has visitation with his daughters one week every two months, and for extended periods over the holidays and summer.

Divorce??  Sh*t, she’s carrying a young warrior to be, and he’s knocked off like twenty-something twenty-somethings.  They aren’t even concerned about some darn divorce.

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  • Nigga Said

    Kimora is going to being very ugly when she gets old.

  • HarlemWorld

    That’s a huge bitch!


    Yes they do look great together, I am sure some Doctor out there can help her with the fat on her neck and around her knees.

  • Jazmine

    Djimon is hotttt! I don’t give a da** what anyone says! “Keep us free!!!”

  • Mock Rock Star is taking over

    They make a handsome couple of somethings

  • Jazmine

    Djimon is hotttt! I don’t give a da** what anyone says! “Keep us free!!!”

  • bfree

    Awww So Cute. Cute couple I bet that’s gonna b a cute baby but then again I think all of God’s miracles are beautiful. Women look diferent everyday they do have a person growing inside them unless you have proof you look better than Kimorra pregnant or not pregnant Shut the F*ck Up

  • Johnny Blaze

    She’s awful!! Russell Simmons gave her everything she has…No talent at all!

  • hope4more

    It’s good to see that they are happy together.

  • Lisa

    Johhny Blaze

    Ummm Russell did give her a lot, but instead of sitting back and looking cute she learned the business and she’s very successful.

    Anyway they make such a beautiful couple. Kimora probably cried the first couple of times Djimon hit it.

  • BE

    They make a nice couple and they look like they are in love.

    Kimora was an international model before she met Russell so she had her own money. she has said many times that Russell taught her the art of business and helped to shape her into a wonderful business person.

    She owns a muli-million dollar company that she runs hands on….so she has many talents.

  • BE

    Kimora was an international model before she met Russell. Russell taught her alot about business which she uses to run her OWN BUSINESS worth millions.

    Kimora and Dijimon look good together.

  • kahmmillion

    She needs to take that money and fix herself up. She looks broke!

  • kahmmillion

    @ Nigga Said –

    When she gets old! Shit, what about now?

  • Ermy Erm (The Chi is Ice Cold today!)

    *snicker* @ some of the comments

    I think they look good together. I watched her show to kind of get a glimpse of her personality and she is very business savvy. That is why she is able to keep her own money flowing with her OWN business.

  • Colonel StinkMeaner(Co Co Wheats is the SHIZNIT!!)


  • deafjam04

    @Johnny Blaze
    Stop it. LOL!!!

    They make a great couple. At least she did learn the biz while with Russell unlike these other broads who just wants to have a man and be known as so and so’s wife.

  • Memo

    good looking couple

  • Memo

    good looking couple

  • SomeTruth

    stop bustin on her for having “neck rolls”. She is a very beautiful woman. Probably a da– sight better lookin than all of the ladies leaving comments and way better than any chick any of you men could ever get. What are you going to do when your future wives get pregnant and their feet swell a little bit or the stretch marks come? and ladies, you’ll reap what you’ve sown when you get pregnant and your man doesn’t find you attractive any more because of your “neck rolls”. Let’s face it most of us aint working with the beauty that Kimora has off the break so we ain’t got nothing comin in the looks department when we get pregnant.

  • come on

    Kimora is tall and beautiful, looking good girl.

  • Tealeaf

    They actually look very cute in that pic, Elmer Fudd and her looked so awkward because he was SO short.

  • Black Beauty

    I really like them as a couple. They look great together, they compliment each other and she seems happy. I wish them all the best.

  • laney28

    They look good together. Didn’t they get married?

  • OH LAWDY!!!!

    beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! ermy ermmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

    be i am gonna get brooke today, after i left the thread she was dissin chick with freckles that dont use concealer on them!!!! i love my freckles, thats the indian in me!!!! call me pocahontas!!!

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