Jesus Took The Wheel: Prison Where Newborn Baby Died After Female Inmate Was Forced To Give Birth In A Toilet Shuts Down

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Good f****n’ riddance!!

Prison Closes After Female Inmate Forced To Give Birth In A Toilet

The Texas prison that came under fire last summer after a female inmate filed a lawsuit agains them for forcing her to give birth to her daughter in a toilet has now closed down.

The inmate, who’s newborn baby girl sadly died 4-days later as a result of the horrific incident, claimed the prison staff didn’t take her seriously when she said she was pregnant. Check out the details of the incident below.

via Dallas News

Just weeks ago the Texas Observer branded the Jesse R. Dawson State Jail on the banks of the Trinity River near downtown Dallas as “Texas’ worst state jail,” citing, among other things, poor conditions and inadequate medical treatment that “in a few cases led to deaths.” Among them: Autumn Miller’s premature baby, a girl named Gracie born after just 26 weeks of gestation.

Autumn told KTVT-Channel 11 in July 2012 that guards at the privately operated jail, which is owned by Corrections Corporation of America, refused her cries for medical attention. She says the guards gave her a menstrual pad and locked her in a cell. She says they told her she just had to go to the bathroom.

As a result, Miller says in a lawsuit filed Friday in Dallas federal court, on June 14, 2012, “She looked down and watched, in horror, as she delivered baby Gracie into the toilet.” The infant lived for four days and died in her mother’s arms. “Within an hour of Gracie’s death,” says the suit, “CCA employees took Autumn back to Dawson.”

The suit alleges CCA guards did nothing to help Miller, before or after she gave birth to her baby; she claims it took guards 15 minutes just to find the key to get into her cell, and that “several CCA employees came into the holding cell while Gracie lay there helpless next to her bleeding mother.”

Your Black World news has since reported that the prison in question has been closed down in accordance with an investigation into the unsatisfactory practices and treatment at several prison facilities across the country.

What a horrible story! In prison or not, no woman deserves to be forced to do such a thing….and the child certainly didn’t deserve to lose her life for it.

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