Jay-Z at House Of Blues

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Diddy, Penelope Cruz, Irv Gotti, Beanie Sigel, Freeway, Ryan Phillipe, Mike Tyson and a bunch of other celebs hit up the House of Blues last night in Hollyweird to check out and pay respect to the old man.

If you missed our exclusive interview with Damon Dash and what he has to say about his former partner, Click here.

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  • Rebekah


  • Rebekah

    I luv ya Jigga!

  • Harlem World

    This guy needs to give it up. An unabashed capitalist of the ignorance of our people who doesn’t know when to quit. Sit down Jigga man, that American Gangsta album is doo doo. NAS is the greatest.

  • Bahama Mama





    lol, sorry….i’m bored

  • Axeldee
  • Lady Architect

    I haven’t heard the album yet because I’m not a big rap fan, but from people I know I haven’t heard a complaint yet and if he attracts such a widespread of celebrities, he obviously hasn’t lost it yet.

  • Coop

    @Harlem World

    “ignorance of our people who doesn’t know when to quit.”

    What in the world is wrong with you and the other crabs in a barrel. The white groups like Aerosmith, The Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones and Others have gone on for years. At their concerts you see mother and daughters and father and sons together watching them perform. But black people would rather bad mouth each other. You must have wanted to be a rapper and failed or are you Jimmy Jones.


    Dude’s spending millions to promote this album. Here in New York, I hear and see commercials for it all day long. Jay doesn’t want to be embarassed in the chart. Too bad. If you needed to take a dump, you should have used one of your tacky gold plated bathrooms…

  • Wrongfacts

    Jay Z performed in chicago’s house of blues last night, not “hollywierd”. He was amazing!!!! Kanye was too!!!

  • TopThat!

    I cant wait to see the performances on VH1 thursday night. Jigga’s the best!!!!!!!

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    I love Jay and it’s just rabid dumbness for idiots thinking that he should retire!! If you had millions and had an opportunity to significantly increase your dough, would “you” quit? Silly rabbits….

  • shann934

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  • http://sitfu.com sitfu.com


    Taking a Closer Look at the Stories Ignored by the Mainstrean Media

  • Coop

    @Jus Another Opinion

    How many times has that same story been broken????????

  • Coop


    That’s my point white artist go on for ever but black people want to destroy each other.

  • erin

    this footage is not from HOB Hollywood I was there and this is not what he was wearing

  • VB

    the only rapper of any relevance left.


    First of all to the nay-sayers…Listen to this album, it is a CLASSIC! You can stomp your frrt and hate all day but the lyrical content, the play on words the production is on point.Secondly jay has said in MANY interview…He promotes his own music he doesn’t use anything from the budgets of DEFJAM. When u get to a certain level , be creative and get out there and let your reputation and music sell itself…THATS WHY HE IS THE PRESIDENT over there…..I watched is VH1 and BET perfomances on TV, I even attended his FRIDAY SHOW in Baltimore! WOW…i was impressed….HOVIES HOME!

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