Full Of Themselves: The 9 Cockiest Celebrities In The Game

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Celebrities Who Are Full Of Themselves

Celebrities by nature are egotists. It’s their thing. Their job is to be so confident in themselves that they can take on the world. Sometimes, though, they’re so full of themselves that it comes off as incredibly cocky to the point that they don’t seem to think their isht has a single solitary odor coming from it.

And quite frankly it drives us crazy. Take a look at these celebs and see if anything can bring them back to earth.

Dwyane Wade – He’s one of the cockiest players in the league and refused to take responsibility when he stunk up the playoffs.

Kobe Bryant – He’s the cockiest player in the world and no one can tell him any different. You’re not Jordan, kid.

Kanye West – He thinks he’s the greatest musician in the entire world. Who cares if his album sucked.

Rick Ross – Any man who puts his tig ol bitties on blast like that has to think he’s the man.

Keri Hilson – She thinks she can go toe to toe with Beyonce like that? Clearly she’s smelling herself.

Nicki Minaj – You can’t tell her anything. And for her to think she can go toe to toe with Mariah Carey over singing she clearly thinks she’s all that.

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    Lil Wayne – His conceitedness knows no bounds. But you already knew this.

    Chris Brown – If you come at him, he just calls you a hater. That’s how he rolls.

    Donald Trump – He’s the biggest jerk in the entire world. He’s the blueprint for cocky pieces of isht that the world is following.

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