WTF?!?! Angry Producer Allegedly Burns Famous 18-Year-Old Pakastani Singer/Actress With Acid After His Marriage Proposal Was Rejected!

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Some folks just can’t take “no” for an answer…

Pakistani Teenage Actress Allegedly Burned With Acid By Producer After Rejecting Marriage Proposal

Via NYDailyNews

An 18-year-old Pakistani actress suffered critical burns after a crazed man allegedly broke into her family’s home in the middle of the night and doused her face with acid when she refused to marry him.

Family of Bushra Waiz say it was her producer who broke in and threw the acid only moments after she rejected his marriage proposal as she lay terrified in bed early Saturday morning.

The Pashto-language singer, actress and theater artist, who’s also known by the name of Shazia Aziz, sustained burns to the right side of her face as well as her right leg, arm and eye.

Waiz’s brother, Akhtar, said it was too dark to clearly see the attacker in their home in Nowshera, in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, but they are certain it’s her producer they identified as Shaukat Khan.

“I couldn’t see him myself, but I am sure he was Shaukat as my sister had refused to continue working in his dramas and that’s why he resorted to this act of violence,” Akhtar told

Both the brother and Waiz’s mother said she had been turning down his offers because of his inability to pay her.

“My daughter used to work as an actress and was hired by a producer named Shaukat Khan to act in his stage dramas and plays,” her mother told the website from Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar. “But he was not willing to pay her and this led to a number of verbal arguments [after] which she refused to continue her acting.”

Police say they are investigating the incident with reports of Shaukat’s attempting to force the star to marry him being the leading connection to the crime, the police report read.

Surely Shaukat could have found another lovely leading lady to love him after he laid down his Pakistani mackin’. To throw acid on the girl is some real, dare we say, b!t$# isht.

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