Pure Comedy: The Most Hilarious Trash-Talkin’ Tweets Rappers Posted About Each Other Prior To Becoming Famous!

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Similar to diamonds, taxes, and certain STDs, tweets are FOREVER…

A List Of Trash Talkin’ Tweets Rappers Posted About Each Other Before They Became Famous

Twitter. A place where we can go to communicate with our friends, vent our frustrations, and talk isht about others without fear of repercussions? Well, not exactly. Remember those tweets you posted a few years back about that girl at your job that you can’t STAND? They are still on your timeline. You’re not alone however, apparently rappers do the same thing.

Long before becoming household names, rappers had Twitter accounts. Many aspiring stars would use their 140 characters to slander other MCs who were already popular while THEY were back on their momma’s couch. Most of these passive-aggressive wordsmiths probably thought that their tweets would never see the light of day…WRONG! Joke’s on you guys!

Thanks to some extensive research by the good folks at BallerAlert, we now have some of those tweets and in hindsight they are PURE COMEDY!

Trinidad James dissing Nicki Minaj, Macklemore dissing J.Cole, ASAP Rocky poppin’ fly about Jay-Z, Meek Mill and Wale praising 50 Cent, Iggy Azalea throwing Trey Songz under a speeding bus????

That is just the beginning! Flip it over a few times to see what some your favorite artists USED to say about each other before they became famous!

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