Broke Ballers: Allen Iverson Has 72 Hours To Pay $71K In Back Child Support Or Get Tossed In Jail If He Can’t Pay Up

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Can AI even afford to buy a cheeseburger?

Allen Iverson Ordered To Pay Back Child Support Or Face Jail Time

Via BSO reports:

Iverson admitted that he told Tawanna that he had no intention of paying her child support despite the fact that he had just received $462,460.24 and thus had the ability to pay.

With those words from his mouth, Judge Lane held him in Contempt of Court and ordered him to pay a total $71,000.00 within 72 hours otherwise she directed the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office to place him under arrest and keep him in jail until the payment is made.

Judge Lane also stated in her written order the following: The father, rather unapologetically, testified that he had consumed alcohol “maybe twenty” times recently, including during his parenting time; that he had not taken any therapy sessions; that he had not taken any therapy sessions; that he had not attended any AA meetings; and that he did not intend to attend any.

Judge Lane gave the former NBA star 72 hours to provide proof that he has registered with a licensed entity that has the ability to screen for drug and alcohol usage otherwise she ordered Fulton County Sheriff to place him under arrest and hold him in jail for five days.

Allen Iverson is walking around with enough money to buy a McDonald’s franchise yet he can’t pay back his ex-wife? Get this guy outta here judge!

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