Random Ridiculousness: Woman Forced To Have Her Kitty Kat Examined To Prove She’s A Woman After Birth Certificate Mistakenly Labels Her A Man

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This is just…phucked up.

Woman Forced To Prove She’s Not A Man

According to Mail Online

A Georgia mother was asked to prove that she was a woman when she noticed that her birth certificate mistakenly identified her as a man.

Nakia Grimes got a copy of her birth certificate when she was going through the process of getting her driver’s license renewed.

She had never noticed, however, that the birth certificate had an X next to the male identifier.

‘You only look at the name, the date, and the year, and the month. You just really never look at the additional signatures and I’d never seen that,’ Ms Grimes told MyFoxAtlanta.

‘When I went to retrieve my birth certificate, I let them know that the gender portion was wrong. I’m a woman, I was born a woman.’

From there, the typo turned into an offensive proposition when a state worker told Ms Grimes that in order to have it changed, she would have to have a pap smear to prove she was actually a woman.

Ms Grimes, who is turning 37 next week, was outraged and found the prospect of having to have her doctor examine her to determine her gender to be a humiliating one.

The incident was reported to Vital Records Services, and the director said that there was no need for a pap smear.

The unnamed director said that the order had not been part of standard protocol.

Instead, they were able to cross-check Ms Grimes’ gender by looking at her son Zion’s birth certificate, where she is legally listed as the birth mother.

If she was white would they make her go through this?

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