Justice For Trayvon: 11 New Things We’ve Learned So Far From George Zimmerman’s Murder Trial

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New Facts We’ve Learned Since George Zimmerman’s Trial Began

Day three of the murder trial of self-proclaimed neighborhood watchdog George Zimmerman, who fatally gunned down unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin in February  of 2012 has just come to a close.

While there was a very limited amount of seemingly recycled information available about the details of the fatal shooting  before the trial began, there is now plenty of information that the public is hearing for the first or second time.

A combination of witness testimony,including that of  Trayvon’s friend Rachel who was on the phone with him as the altercation with Zimmerman began, along with statements presented from attorneys on both sides, have revealed a slew of new facts from the case.

Just in case you missed anything over the course of the last three days, we’ve pulled a handful of new facts together.

Take a look.

The opening statement of George Zimmerman’s defense attorney included a “knock, knock” joke in which he sarcastically attempted to take a jab at the jury selection process for the trial. Trayvon Martin’s mother Sabrina was seen in court wiping tears from her eyes as the defense attorney joked during  the trial of her son’s murderer.

Eyewitness Jayne Surdyka, who made the infamous 911 call where the gunshot from Zimmerman shooting Trayvon can be heard in the background, stated that she believed the voice she heard screaming for help to be that of Trayvon and not George Zimmerman, despite attempts by the defense attorney to discredit her claims.

Trayvon’s friend Rachel Jeantel testified that she heard Trayvon yell “get off !” after he dropped the phone during their conversation, but before they were disconnected. She also testified that at the beginning of her phone conversation with Trayvon as he was walking back from the store, he described George Zimmerman to her as a “creepy cr*cker” who had been following him the entire time they’d been on the phone.

Eyewitness Jane Surdyka also testified that the person who was on top during the altercation remained on top until the gun shot was fired, at which point she says she heard an “excruciating yelp,” and saw the person on top finally get up.

Trayvon’s friend Rachel also admitted that she didn’t want view his body at the funeral, so she falsely told Trayvon’s mother Sabrina Fulton that she was in the hospital on the day he was laid to rest. She also said she initially was nervous about speaking to Trayvon’s mother since she was the last person who spoke to her son aside from Zimmerman.

The jury and those present in the court room have now seen raw photos from the crime scene for the first time of Trayvon Martin’s body laying face down in the grass shortly following the shooting.

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    Another Eyewitness, Jeannee Manalo, confirmed that she believed George Zimmerman was on top of Trayvon Martin for the duration of the altercation, based on both what she saw when the altercation took place and the photographs she saw of Zimmerman and Trayvon on the news following the incident.

    George Zimmerman has gained 120 pounds between February of 2012 and now. His attorneys attribute it to “stress.”

    Eyewitness Jane Surdyka also testified that prior to the shooting, she heard a deep, manly voice aggressively addressing what she believed was a young boy based on the high-pitched tone of his voice when he responded to the manly voice.

    Trayvon’s friend Rachel also admitted to initially lying about her age so she would be treated as a minor and possibly avoid testifying.

    Eyewitness Jane Surdyka then testified that she saw George Zimmerman get up following the gun shot and that he appeared to be holding his head in distress, but did not look “hurt.”

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