GTFOHWTBS: Chris Breezy Hit And Run Victim Says He Called Her A Beyotch, “I Was So Afraid….He Has A Lot of Tattoos”

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Chris, this smells a little racist to us.

Chris Brown Victim Says She Was Scared Of Him

You were scared of him because of his tattoos? Beyotch are you living in the 1950s? We bet most of your friends and the black peen you suck on the regular has tattoos…. so why so serious? The ninja was wearing a long sleeve shirt, so how the phuck were you scared when most of his tattoos were covered? Beyotch kill yourself.

According to TMZ

Chris Brown’s got his tattoos to blame for getting off on the wrong foot with the woman accusing him of hit-and-run … because she tells “TMZ Live,” the ink’s one of the main reasons she was so scared of him to begin with.

Olga Gure-Kovalenko — aka Miss Russian LA 2013 — called in moments ago, claiming her blood pressure shot through the roof following her car accident with Brown last month.

Olga says (in broken English) that she was practically scared to death of Brown because he was driving a huge SUV at the time of the accident, and was covered in tattoos. According to Olga, he was also very angry and cursed at her, calling her a “bitch” … so the whole experience was emotionally traumatic.

FYI, Brown was wearing a long sleeve t-shirt at the time of the accident (below) … so he didn’t look THAT tattooed. But he’s still pretty tatted up around the neck.

As for the transfer of information, Olga says the only thing she got from Brown was expired Lamborghini insurance (he was driving a Range Rover) … despite Brown’s lawyer claiming the singer also gave her his Virginia license.

As for a lawsuit, Olga says she doesn’t plan to file one … then again, something might have been lost in translation.

View the video here

This Becky took it all the way back to that “I cross the street and clutch my purse when I see a black man” mentality. We’re not saying Breezy’s trouble is not his fault, but isht like this makes Breezy look like the honest one.

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