Would You Want To Know? Ohio Lawmakers Propose Requiring That Doctors Reveal Fetus Heartbeat And Survival Chances Before Performing Abortions

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Anti-Abortion Lawmakers Propose Requiring Doctors To Show Fetus Heartbeat To Mothers

A group of pro-life Ohio lawmakers are working overtime to incorporate provisions that would require doctors to show pregnant women the heartbeat of their fetus and inform them of chances of the baby’s survival once born before performing an abortion into a new budget approval.

Like most lawmakers who propose these types of revisions, the hope is that the mother will reconsider the abortion upon learning these critical facts about her unborn baby.

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Ohio lawmakers are currently trying to pass a state budget, but many of the debates over the legislation have nothing to do with the state’s financial policies whatsoever.

Abortion opponents have hijacked the budget negotiations to launch several attacks on women’s health, tacking on provisions that would defund Planned Parenthood, shut down abortion clinics, and redirect state funding to right-wing “crisis pregnancy centers.”
And the budget only continues to get worse for Ohio women.

On Tuesday, anti-abortion Republicans in the state added yet another budget provision related to reproductive health.

The new amendment would require doctors to look for a fetal heartbeat before performing an abortion, presumably with an unnecessary ultrasound procedure, and then “notify the woman about the presence of the heartbeat.” Abortion doctors would also be required to tell women about the fetus’ likelihood of “surviving to full term.”

This is a much debated topic that has seen arguments from women on either side of the fence, but what’s you take on this, Bossip ladies? Would you want to know this information before having this procedure done?

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