Wanting That Old Thing: Celebrities Who Dated Their Ex’s Lookalikes

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Stars Who Dated Ex Lookalikes

Here’s the thing that happens in breakups: sometimes people miss their exes so much that they go out and find someone who looks just like them. It’s pretty sad and we can all see through it. We know what’s up. We know you miss that old thing.

Take a look at celebrities who dated ex lookalikes.

Rihanna – You can’t tell us this guy doesn’t look like Breezy. We know what she wanted.

Chris Brown – You have to think he wanted a Rihanna-lite to make him happy.

Reggie Bush – Is that Kim Kardashian? Nope. But it might as well be.

Tony Parker – This lady looks juuuuust like Eva Longoria don’t you think?

Kris Humphries – After his divorce he went with some chick who looked like Kim, who was actually his woman before Kim. So technically Kim is the lookalike…

Joe Budden – He went with Kaylie Garcia a bit after Tahiry. Kaylie doesn’t look exactly alike but he’s dating these vixens to replace something, don’t you think?

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    Hugh Hefner – Um…all his women loo the same, technically.

    Eric Benet – Well, no one looks like Halle Berry, but she’s damn close.

    Tiger Woods – Yeah, he has a type.

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